Feb 7, 2009

I Guess That A-Fraud Title Was Well Earned

Add another prestigious hitter to the list of those marred by the steroid scandal. According to Sports Illustrated, Alex Rodriguez is the latest in a long line. You gotta wonder if there will be anyone left.

As for A-Rod, I could care less. I've never warmed up to the guy and I think a lot of baseball fans are in the same boat, but it does make me sad for baseball. I love the game and hate to see it continually beaten up because so many of these guys were on the juice.

Go Halos!

1 comment:

  1. I think we've reached the point where it might be safer to think that nearly everyone that played between the mid-90s and the advent of public steroid testing used some sort of questionable substance. It would make for fewer disappointments when these "revelations" came to light.

    Not that A-Rod could possibly disappoint me. Whether he used steroids or not, he is one of the most selfish players who ever wore a ML uniform.