Feb 1, 2009

Cards vs. Steelers? Nah, I Prefer Cards of Stealers

As someone who spends his entire weekend on the couch watching football, it saddens me to say I'm just not that excited for this Super Bowl. I like the underdog story of the Cardinals and I've always enjoyed the way the Steelers play defense, but it's just not enough for me anymore.

So Cards vs. Steelers...no thanks. I'll take cards of stealers, base stealers.

Willie McGee readying for the attempt. The stare towards the pitcher, the slight leaning from one leg to another. The dash is about to be on.

Little Dougie Dascenzo. How can you not love this guy? 5'8" 160 lbs. At this point the base stealer is in his zone and off to the races. No glances towards the catcher, just full on sprint.

The two sides of attempted theft:
Jeff Hamilton most likely out on a fairly close play. Spike Owen readies for the tag.

Out by a mile, Casey Candaele. Honestly Casey, what were you thinking? Nobody runs on Benito.

And the positive.
Ced Landrum. 1990 AAA Stolen Base King. Great card back and the result of a stolen base done right.

So while we all sit around watching Cards and Steelers, I'll watch on with a twinkle in my eye, looking forward to the release of Topps and more cards of stealers.

Go Halos!

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