Feb 11, 2009

Abreu a Halo? Indeed, He Is.

It appears as if the Angels are on the verge of signing Bobby Abreu. I want to like this move, but after the rough off-season this team has had, it's tough to get too excited about any move. I kept thinking that Adam Dunn would end up in Anaheim and work well as a DH/OF/1B, but apparently that's not the way the Halos are headed.
EDIT: It's official. 1 Year Deal for 5 million, I can definitely live with this.

1. He's left handed and that is much needed in this lineup.
2. He gets on base.
3. He makes it much less likely that Gary Matthews Jr. will see the field.
4. It appears to be a one year deal. Thank you collusion.

1. As if it was obvious already, this makes it impossible for a return by Garret Anderson. I know GA is much hated these days by Halo fans, but I still got love.
2. Abreu's production is definitely declining.
3. It still doesn't address the lack of power. Kendry Morales has to step up huge.

As for the baseball card side of things, Update sets will be filled with Abreu Angel cards, I'll sort them into my Angel piles and next year at this time, I'll probably have them stacked away in the corner with the f'n Teixeira cards.


Go Halos!


  1. It looks like he's already pictured in the right stadium on the 2009 Upper Deck card, just the wrong uniform.

  2. I would much rather see GA back.
    But at least they tried to do something.
    I really hope Morales stands out and Kendrick makes it thru a whole year or we'll be asking for Kotchman back.

  3. For sentimental reasons, I'd definitely have preferred if the brought back GA, but I guess I understand it. I'm definitely looking for a big year for Kendry.