Feb 5, 2009

2009 Upper Deck: My Frist Halos of 2009

While I'll hopefully find the time to scan and post tomorrow after work, I wanted to at least get up the images of my newest Halos from 2009. Unfortunately, 2 of the 4 have already moved on to other teams.

Francisco Rodriguez Season Highlights
Frankie is sporting the always fashionable Angels moomoo on this card. I really liked the Stars and Stripes hats that were worn over 4th of July weekend and I think on 9/11, so it's cool to see one pop up on my first Angel card of 2009.

Jon Garland...no longer a Halo
While Jon is now long gone, at least he left with a pretty cool card image. I love anytime throwback unis show up on cards and this is no exception. His 14 wins will be missed, but the nearly 5 ERA will not. So long Jon, thanks for the throwback uni card.

Big John
It's a pretty mundane card, but who cares. This guy won Game 7 of the World Series as a rookie and will forever be a Halo legend because of it. I'm gonna be heartbroken if this guy leaves as a free agent. Get off your ass and sign this guy to an extension Reagins. I Heart Halos officially Hearts Big John.

I ended up with 3 Starquest cards, but only one that mattered. Vladdy. I don't know much about Starquest, but it's a decent looking insert. Vlad, we need you healthy and mashing this season. Please.

So there they are. My 4 new Halos...or 2 new Halos and 2 new cards of former Halos. More 2009 UD tomorrow, featuring a '75 OPC Josh Hamilton card, another sweet looking card for Russell Martin in 2009and some other stuff I just thought was kinda fun.

Go Halos!

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