Feb 10, 2009

2009 Topps Hangover

I hate the day after. I've spent the past couple of months waiting for the release of new products, specifically 2009 Topps. I spent most of December and January buying blasters of sets that I wasn't even collecting, just because I wanted to open something. I avoided images of the new cards on various blogs in order to better appreciate the cards once they were in my hand. The box was delivered yesterday at about 10 AM, yet I waited a couple of hours before opening it, in order to better build up the anticipation.

I ripped, and stacked, ripped and stacked. In the end I had 10 stacks and an overwhelming feeling of both fulfillment and sadness. It's not so much of a letdown, but just a feeling of it being over and having nothing else to look forward to.

So now I'm left to comb through the stacks and derive my pleasure from organizing and sharing the doubles with my daughter.

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