Feb 17, 2009

2009 Topps Blaster Bonus: What the Hell Is It?

My ever-loving wifey was at Target today and in a moment of weakness, purchased me a blaster of 2009 Topps. I quickly looked at the box and saw mention of this on the side panel, but gave it little thought. However, when I opened the box, a special package fell into my hand first and here is that pack's contents:
WTF? A Mickey Mantle 1956 World Series "Historical Commemorative Patch". The card is the 2oth of 50 such patches.
I haven't a clue as to what these are or why they are in this year's blasters. Was another manufactured patch really a necessity for this year's Topps product. I'm not sure if I prefer this over a piece of Ronny Paulino's pants or not.


  1. Eventually, EVENTUALLY when all the Joe Collectors realize that manufactured patches are merely polyester stitched in China last month and have positively absolutely nothing to do with the player or team depicted -- then, perhaps, Topps will make less of them. And for Topps to count these as a "relic" in boxes is a joke. They might as well count the pack wrappers as cards.

  2. If done right, manufactured patches are pretty nice cards. These look better than a lot I've seen. These are seriously box toppers in blasters? Hmm... depends on the checklist really. If there are 50 Mantle patches it will suck. If there are a good mix of players it might not bee too bad. Who can afford a 50 card set out of blasters though?

  3. I kind of like it. You've got a decent size photo of Mantle, and the commemorative patch is colorful and represents an actual event -- it's not one of those stupid fake letterman things.

    I'd rather have it than a piece of Darrin Erstad's bat, which was the bonus card on the last blaster I bought.

  4. The list of players for the set is essentially all of the retired players, Ruth, Clemente, Robinson, Ripken, etc.