Feb 18, 2009

Free Halos from Dubbs!

Thanks to the generosity of Dubbs from Cheese and Beer, I now have a crapload of new Halos cards to add to my collection. As a collector who was absent for more than half of the 90's, these cards were just what I needed. I either hadn't seen or didn't have huge number of these cards.

The scan below is a very small glimpse of what arrived.
From Cards

Nothing beats cards from the Classic baseball traded set, a playing card from 1993 Baseball Aces, a DeWayne Buice Toys "R" Us 1988 Collector's Edition Rookie, a Deshawn Warren Angels Top Prospect with Deshawn rocking the circular shades and headphones, a Jorge Fabergas 1994 Rookie Prospect with an image of Jorge chasing after a passed ball, a Ryan Hancock Top Prospects card with Ryan tossing an orange and a holographic Halos logo from the early '90s.

Oh yeah, and a Luis Polonia card that I needed for the collection. Super Sweet.
From Cards

In all there were over 80 Angels cards. Thank you Dubbs! You are truly a generous and much appreciated provider of Halo Happiness.

Go Halos!

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