Feb 17, 2009

1992 Stadium Club Collation: The Saga Continues

When we last left off, I was lamenting that 88 of the 150 cards I had opened up out of 10 packs of '92 Stadium Club were duplicates. As soon as I returned home today from the J-O-B, I got to ripping. At this point I was almost rooting for my own demise. I was looking forward to pulling a 4th Mickey Morandini, not to mention a 5th or 6th Jose Oquendo. The packs did not disappoint.

Here are the results:
85 Doubles, so 170 of my cards were simply duplicates of one another. Among the doubles, Jose Canseco Member's Choice, my lone Angel duplicate Joe Grahe and a seriously sweet Ruben Sierra card.

46 Triples, so 138 of my cards were triplets. Among the highlights, Frank Thomas looking cheerful, Darryl Strawberry as a Dodger and Doc Gooden chasing himself around the basepaths.

19 Quadruples, so 76 cards were doubles of doubles of doubles, or something like that. The highlight of the quads, 864 pounds of Kirby Puckett (weight estimate based on reported weight of 216 pounds on the back of the card).

For a total of 384 cards that are in some way or another multiples of each other. As a comparison, I managed to grab 138 cards that had no duplication. Wow. I don't heart 1992 Stadium Club. Not one little bit. Well, that Ruben Sierra card is fantastic. So maybe just a little bit.


  1. As hard as it is to believe, I could use one of the Strawberrys. Only one, though.