Feb 14, 2009

Déjà Vu on Cardboard: 1999

I've never opened 1999 Stadium Club, until last night that is. After a few packs a sensation overtook me as I looked at a card of Marty Cordova..."Hey, I've seen that before!" No, it wasn't one of the MANY doubles I got in the box, it was a Sandy Alomar Jr. card that was pulled a few packs earlier.

So first we have Sandy.
From 1999 Stadium Club

Sandy in full gear with the helmet still on, blocking the plate and making the out against the Twins and Marty Cordova. Well, apparently the photographer stayed in position, because later we find this.

From 1999 Stadium Club

Apparently, Marty is sliding in safe now. Or is he? Is the same play, with Sandy just spinning out of the way after making the tag? We may never know.

Just to add to the confusion, we have another similar shot, most likely from the same game.
From 1999 Stadium Club

Terry Steinbach sliding in safe. Notice the same scuffed dirt mark that appears in all 3 photos. It's the magic of Stadium Club. This is better than Documentary, you don't even have to have been at this game to see three of the highlights of it all.

So there is a taste of the fun that is 1999 Stadium Club Series 2. What's that? You'd like to see more? Well that can be arranged. Head on over to Weekly Box Break, a Bay Rat North West production, with a meager assist now by myself. Hopefully you'll enjoy. My posts can't stand up to his in style, but hopefully you'll see something worth coming back for. So go!! NOW!


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  1. Being a Tribe fan I would like to have seen them all be outs , but since two of them are Twins I guess that wouldn't have gone over too well.It is interesting and pretty cool though.