Mar 16, 2009

Heritage Halos!

I really like this year's Heritage. Unfortunately, I didn't want to like it this year. Unlike most products where you can buy a box, get what you get and then get out, to me Heritage requires much more. With a set like Heritage, I have to collect with a purpose and that purpose is to collect the complete set. Not only do you need to buy a box or two of this stuff, but then you're on eBay scouring for SP's and looking to trade constantly.

So what's the problem? 1. I, like others, have had troubles coming across blasters of this stuff, which instantly leads to frustration. 2. Budgetary constraints make it a set that will be impossible for me to complete.

I found a few loose packs this weekend at Target, bought them, ripped 'em open and I really liked what I saw. The colors, the feel, the look. It was all working for me. But in the back of my head I knew it just wasn't going to happen for me. Luckily, there's a little thing called eBay. Last week when I knew I wouldn't be working on this set, I set out to pick up the Halos and for the low price of 99 cents plus a couple of bucks for shipping.

Overall, I'm pleased with the look of these cards, although when you see your whole team together one thing becomes painfully obvious. They took these photos at the same time, in the same place. Every Angel is pictured inside Tempe Diablo Stadium, outside of newcomer Brian Fuentes, and maybe Erick Aybar and Jered Weaver. The latter two are shot at an angle that doesn't allow you to see where the pics were taken. Uggh. Would have been so tough to spice up the portraits? Oh well.

Here they are, minus the Jon Garland SP, which I'll hope to pick up in a trade sometime soon.

#13 Garret Anderson
One of the final GA in an Angels uniform cards.

#21 Mike Napoli
Mike looking up to the heavens, thinking about the damage he plans to do to the AL this year.

#57 Win-Savers
Gotta love outdated cards. How about photoshopping in Fuentes?

#76 Jered Weaver
Awkward pose on the left with Jered still holding the ball down between his legs.

#78 Joe Saunders
The cartoon on the back informs us that Joe is Virginia Tech's No. 3 all-time winner with 27 victories.

#90 Erick Aybar
A candidate for card of the year. On the left, an extremely jolly Aybar, down to field a grounder. And the big pic, Aybar looking absolutely stoned out of his mind.

#167 Jeff Mathis
Apparently the Angels are 92-50 in games that Jeff starts.

#193 Brian Fuentes
I'm just going to guess that this same background is found on a few Rockies cards from the set.

#268 John Lackey
I don't think I've ever seen John with a different expression on any of his cards.

#279 Gary Matthews
Dubious player selection. I'd have preferred Howie Kendrick. Hell, give me a middle reliever. Anybody over GMJ.

#307 Torii Hunter
The king of grin.

#341 Vladimir Guerrero
I hate seeing players in regular tennis shoes on their cards. This card was slightly marred by that for me. Oh well.

#366 Ervin Santana
I think this is my favorite card of the bunch. I love the orange. I love the Ervin stare down and I like the inset picture pose. Well done.

#382 Chone Figgins
Figgy wraps up the group. I like that he looks like he's just on the verge of cracking a smile, but he's holding off with all his power.

Minus the SP, these are the Heritage Halos for 2009. Hopefully I'll be able to pick up chrome, refractors, etc. throughout the year, but if nothing else I'm happy being able to pick up this team set for a buck.

Go Halos!

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