Mar 2, 2009

Coming Soon to I HEÅRT HÅLOS!

Yesterday Greg from Night Owl Cards had a post where he listed the 30 MLB teams in order of preference with a blurb about each and why they rank there. I found it really interesting and realized very quickly that I could never do such a list.

My list would look a lot like this:
1. Angels
2-29. The other teams in a somewhat random order with very little rhyme or reason.
30. Yankees

I don't think that would interest you much and it certainly would pale in comparison to the work done by Night Owl, but it did spark an idea in my starved for topics mind. While I don't like or loathe a lot of teams for a specific reason, I do have players I have liked over the years from every team. So, in that spirit I have decided to post my 4 favorite players from each MLB franchise from the years of 1985-2009. I consider 1985 to be the first year I really started to follow baseball and really start to get into it.

The choices will be easier for some teams than for others. While I've liked a number of Cincinnati players over the years, I've had a hard time ever rooting for a Brave or Oriole. Certainly some of the all-time greats will be included, but I tend to also like players for odd reasons and they make their way into my heart or at least into my collection.

So starting tomorrow...hopefully, I will start with the first ever I Heart Halos Fave 4's for each MLB franchise. I'm not sure where I'll start or how will it will turn out (I really should have mapped it out first), but hopefully it will be a fun way to kill some time while I wait for my Halos to begin their quest for the World Series or another first round burnout.

Go Halos!