Jan 30, 2009

A Thank You to 30-year old Cardboard

One of the absolute best parts about baseball card blogging is the people you come across. When reading blogs I was always surprised to read about Blogger X sending Blogger Z this card or that card. So, now that it's happening to me, it's even more surprising. When I started this blog a little under a month ago, I figured maybe a few people would stumble across it and read for a moment, but my expectations didn't go too far beyond that. Now, I find myself actually receiving unsolicited cards from other bloggers and it's hard to fathom.

The other day I received an address request from Brian at 30-year old Cardboard and a few days later 15 Halo cards arrived.
Above are 9 of the 15 cards.

So this is just a thanks to Brian and an appreciation to those who spend a couple of minutes out of their day to read this blog or take a minute to comment on it. It is much appreciated.

Go Halos!

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