Jan 15, 2009

The Pursuit of Polonia

After mentioning in my first Cards That Define Me post that I'd like to go back and pick up every Luis Polonia card I could get my hands on, I got a very cool start from Jim at Taste Like Dirt.
The iconic '88 Donruss with the funky red pipes running in the background.
'89 Topps

Since most of my collection has gone missing over the years, it was fun to open up the package and see these again. And what's even better, the '89 Topps card features the jhullet in all of its glory.

I've already started scouring the few boxes I have left from the 80's and 90's and finding whatever I can on the internet, so hopefully the pursuit will continue and the Polonia plunder will bountiful.

Go Halos!

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  1. Well, don't go buying any Polonia A's cards just yet. I have a package I hope to send out tomorrow.