Jan 24, 2009

Cards Only A Mother Could Love

While there are tons of examples of really cool and action filled cards and even more cards with mundane actions or poses, occasionally there are cards that stand out for another reason. When I see these cards I think to myself, "God, I'd hate it if this was MY baseball card".

Not every card can feature a player hitting a homerun, running over a catcher or making a diving play in the field, but the least I would ask out of my baseball card is that it not embarrass me. Unfortunately for Kevin Seitzer and Geno Petralli, they were not so lucky. They are unfortunate members of the "Cards Only A Mother Could Love" club.

First up, 1992 Donruss Geno Petralli.


Ouch. It's one thing to have a simple head shot or a picture taken in the dugout. Sure you're not out on the field, but there's no shame in that. But warming up the pitcher between innings while the starting catcher puts his gear on, well that stings a little. There was no worse job in little league than being the kid on the bench who has to go out and warm up the pitcher, and unfortunately for Geno this is how he was immortalized on cardboard.

Next up, 1993 Upper Deck Kevin Seitzer.


Ouch x 2. Poor Kev. No one, NO ONE enjoys being struck out looking to end an inning and this evident by the look on Seitzer's face. He's still standing like a statue in disgust as the catcher rolls the ball back to the mound to start the bottom of the inning. (Congrats to Halo Ron Tingley on the cameo performance here.) Imagine for a moment that you're Kevin Seitzer, exciting isn't it. But hey, you're Kevin and maybe you take an interest in your baseball cards. It's the early '90s so you know Upper Deck and their photography is second to none. After a quick search you come across your card and you get this slap in the face. The anger rises as you think back to that July afternoon when you got screwed on a pitch that was at least 5 inches off the plate. I can see Kevin now, opening his mail in 2009, as diehard fans are still looking for an elusive Seitzer autograph to round out their collections. He rips into the envelope and 16 years later he has to relive the moment again. It just ain't right.

I feel for you Kevin and Geno, but at least your moms might still love your card.

Go Halos!

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