Jan 21, 2009

Cameo Cards

In an odd run of events, I inspired Cincinnati Reds Cards to wonder whether or not the players in the background mattered to team or player collectors. His question in turn inspired me to want to search my own collection and discuss this topic. I have always been fascinated by what else is happening on a card. One of the first cards that popped into my mind was the 1991 Score Kirt Manwaring card.

As a collector of Mark Grace cards for a number of years I knew just where to find this card of a Giants catcher...in the back pages of my binder dedicated to a Cubs First Basemen. Besides just being a very cool action shot, I loved that this card had one of my favorite players on it. It instantly lost its status as a Giants card or Kirt Manwaring card and instead became a Mark Grace card.

So I decided to break out one of the storage boxes and grab a stack to see what I could find. To my surprise, I found a couple of nice examples and one jewel to add to a collection.

1992 Score Mike Brumley. Clearly these cameo cards most often show up on cards depicting an attempt at breaking up the double play. Here we have HOFer Cal Ripken Jr. sliding under the leaping Brumley. The vision of Ripken is small, but definite.

Clearly I bought too many packs of 1992 Score. Bill Doran just trying to save the throw into second while Ryne Sandberg slides in. Another real crisp action shot, with another HOFer on the slide. Score was all over it in 1992.

Finally, the card that made my day.
1992 Donruss Joey Cora Luis Polonia!
My main man Luis Polonia immortalized on yet another card. A card that I may never have known about were it not for the bantering of blogs. The Pursuit of Polonia continues and has just been strengthened. I love the Cameo Card!!

Go Halos!


  1. Looks like Cora is also in Pursuit of Polonia!
    Have you noticed while looking through them the amount of "stars" who are making the guest appearance? Found two last night with Rickey Henderson stealing base.

  2. Definitely. You get the feeling that the photographers were following the stars and just happened to end up with some nice action shots that worked out for the card companies.

  3. I did a cameo post on Thurman Munson here:


    And there were other Munson cameo cards that I came across later.