Jan 10, 2009

My Introduction to the 90s: Jim Edmonds Part 3

In an earlier post I explained why you'll be looking at these cards, check it out here - I Have a Confession

For the final card in my look back at the 90s for the first time, the Jim Edmonds edition, there really was no debate on my part about which card to save for last. I'm pretty sure this will become a card that defines me at some point.

I'm simply in awe. When I came across this card at the shop in the midst of all the other Edmonds cards, I stopped, took a deep breath and could only think one thing..."What in the hell is this?!"

Without further ado, the scan.

I know what you're thinking, the scan sucked. That's why I quickly broke out the digital camera in an attempt to do this card justice.

Honestly, this is a card that can only truly be appreciated in person.
1997 Metal Universe.

Ummm...here's the thing...well...crap I have no idea how to describe this card or how to even start. Jim Edmonds has some kind of hawk on his shoulder as he looks to the sky after popping one up to the catcher. The hawk or owl or whatever fine feathered friend that is, appears to be gold plated. Amazing!

I may be mistaken, but perhaps Jim is just a big fan of mythology and that's actually Bubo the owl from Clash of the Titans on his arm.

What's even better than the hawk perched on Edmonds shoulder mid pop-up swing? The hawk that is about to get massacred by an Edmonds's fly ball in the upper right hand corner. I'm not sure why he's attempting to take down one hawk while proudly displaying another on his arm, but I like it. A lot. I'd go into the purple and green colored background, but it's just not necessary. The image says it all.

The card doesn't seem to make sense, the design is just garish, but I'm starting to figure out that this what made 90s cards so unique. I'm a little jealous of all of you who have had these sitting around in your binders and boxes for the last decade.

I love you Metal Universe and I must find more of you.

Go Halos!

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