Jan 8, 2009

BCS National Championship: Halos Style

I despise the BCS, that being said I'll tune in tonight to watch Florida take on Oklahoma. While I don't have a horse in this race, I do have a couple of Halos in this race. So what better way to break down the national title than looking at it from an Angel perspective.

In one corner we have the University of Florida represented by David Eckstein. Eck played for Florida from 1994-1997

Eckstein was a scrappy five foot six, 170 pound shortstop who never hit higher than .293 for the Angels, but in both 2001 and 2002 he led the league in HBP and sacrifice hits.

And in the opposing corner we have the University of Oklahoma represented by Reggie Willits. Willits played for Oklahoma from 2002-2003

Willits is #77 on your scorecard, a number appropriate when talking football. Although he isn't built like the lineman's number he wears, Reggie is admired by many Angel fans for his hustle and grit.

So which team will come out on top? Honestly, it's a no-brainer.

We won a freaking World Series with this guy.
Eckstein and the Gators shall prevail.

Now I'm just looking forward to next year when this guy is representing for his university in the National Championship: Halos Style post.

Jeff DaVanon and the San Diego State University Aztecs. A boy can dream...

Go Halos!


  1. David Eckstein is a super magic super happy lucky charm1!!!!!11

    He could have taken an 0'fer during the entire 2006 World Series (as a Cardinal) except that EVERY SINGLE BALL HE HIT was like, 0.0000000001 inches too far away to make a play on. Really, it was one of the most consistently amazing and lucky things I have ever seen. I kept thinking of "Angels in the Outfield" the entire time.

    So he ended up WS MVP.

  2. Ecksteiiiiiin! Can't stand the guy since 1994. Made 2 eye rubbing catch/throws to rob my USM Golden Eagles of victories in each game of the 3 game series. Only sweep of the season for the Eagles.