May 23, 2009

CSI Cardboard: The Sketch Card Mystery

Back in February I was pretty excited to pull a redemption for a 1/1 sketch card and after a few months of waiting, it has arrived. On our way to lunch, I swooped by the post office, signed off and received my card. Quickly, I rushed back to my truck and gave the small envelope to my wife for the purpose of extracting the hidden gem inside. The following conversation is how I best remember things going down.

Me (having not seen the card): Well what do you think?
Her: It's pretty cool I guess...
Me: Pretty cool you guess? It's a one of one. Who's on the card?
Her: Some white guy.
Me (calmly): OK, how about you read the name off the card.
Her: There is no name.
Me (still calm): Check the back.
Her: of the athletes of professional baseball.
Me: WTF?!

Yup, I'm the proud owner of a sketch inspired by the athletes of professional baseball.

I know what you're thinking, how hard could it be? Check the uniform or hat and figure it out. Well, that's where things get a little sticky. The hat? It's from the 2008 MLB All-Star game batting practice line.
Well that narrows things down, a white guy who was part of the American League All-Stars.
White guy AL all-stars:
Joe Mauer
Kevin Youkilis
Dustin Pedroia
Josh Hamilton
Justin Duchscherer
Roy Halladay
Scott Kazmir
Cliff Lee
Joe Nathan
Jonathan Papelbon
Joe Saunders
George Sherrill
Jason Varitek
Justin Morneau
Ian Kinsler
Michael Young
Joe Crede
Evan Longoria
J.D. Drew
Grady Sizemore

After all that, allow me to unveil the 1/1 sketch card of one of the above 20 players.
Hmmm...facial hair, sideburns and sunglasses on the bill. Through my best efforts I'm going to assume/hope that it's Evan Longoria.
Facial hair...check. Sideburns...can't really tell here. Sunglasses on bill of cap...check. White guy...check.

So is this a sketch card of Evan Longoria or just a composite of what a player would look like if an artist were inspired by the professional athletes of professional baseball? You make the call.

Go Halos!


  1. I don't know - but I do know that I don't get the point of the sketch cards...

  2. "Game-used piece of memorabilia," "artistry inspired by major league baseball players." ... Card companies don't want to commit to anything anymore.

  3. My initial thought looking at that pic was that it was Longoria. I hope that helps.

  4. Okay... I am sending out the offer again. Every time I see one of these half-assed sketch cards, I feel compelled to offer a PunkRockPaint Sketch Card (your choice of player)

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