May 9, 2009

Light Up The Halo!!

Double + Sacrifice Bunt + Sacrifice Fly + Hokie Joe's Left Arm + Huge Defensive Play by Figgy = Zack Greinke's First Loss

See how easy that is American League. You just have to send out your stud and have him throw an absolute gem. Then just mix in one well hit ball and a couple of sacrifices. Next thing you know, you put a stop to the newly crowned Best Pitcher in Baseball and give him his first loss since last August. Is that so hard?

Hokie Joe, you sir are a beast!

It's not often that games live up to the hype, but you would have thought this one was Walter Johnson vs. Cy Young the way the Angels announcers were selling it. Thing is, the game and the performances made the superlatives seem tame by the end of this one. In this era of steroids and our love of the long ball, this game was easily my favorite all season. 1-0 Halos. Complete game for Joe Saunders. Greinke's ERA balloons to 0.51.

1/2 game out of first. Slowly, but surely we're creeping back in this thing.

Go Halos!

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