May 10, 2009

The Best-laid Plans of Mice and Men

I hate when good deeds go wrong. Today my wife went out to run some errands and in an act of kindness stopped by the card aisle at Target and grabbed me a blaster of 2009 Topps. I still haven't completed my series 1 set despite a couple of blasters and a jumbo box, so I was happy to rip into these cards and see if I could pull any of the ones I needed.

I retreated to my office and began the pulling. Oh the horror!

As I cradled the cards in my hand I knew something wasn't right. From the tips of my fingers I could feel the difference and one quick glance up into the corner confirmed my suspicions.


Oh cruel Topps, why must you mock me?

It's not that I dislike the parallel all that much or even have a problem with this gimmick, but would have been so difficult to mark the boxes as being different, other than an obscure code that few if any baseball card wives are going to be looking for. I'm sure my wife would readily admit that even if it was written on the box, she'd probably miss it, but still.

So now I sit with a stack of throwback Topps and I'm no closer to finishing of series 1 and moving on with my life.

The good news, my wife still received the hug she deserved for her act of kindness.
The bad news, I am still in need of:

Base; 7, 9, 14, 41, 54, 60, 63, 66, 70, 73, 84, 105, 108, 121, 128, 137, 148, 179, 180, 200, 230, 245, 266, 274, 308,

Legends of the Game: LG3, LG5 LG7, LG9, LG14, LG15, LG17, LG18, LG19, LG22, LG24

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