May 28, 2009

A Horrible Memory Often Leads to Great Surprises

A few days before the release of Topps Series 2, I ordered a jumbo box from Blowout Cards, paying a pretty decent price, a price I was even happier with after it jumped up upon release. That order was made about 11 days ago and with the end of the school year upon me, my memory is even less impressive than normal.

As I arrived home today I stopped to grab the mail and was a bit surprised to find a bubble mailer and a heavy box. Bubble mailer was easily explained, I bought Angel cards off eBay. The box was a mystery, especially since the return address just ststed, Fulfillment Center. I knew it was a box of baseball cards, but why oh why?

Fantasies of free boxes sent from the baseball cards danced in my head. Perhaps Topps decided to replace one of my crappy Pirates redemptions for a full box of cards. Yeah, not so much. It was my box from blowout, but the surprise still made the moment an exciting one.

So while the rest of you suckers exercise your brains with puzzles and eat memory foods like broccoli and spinach, I'll just go on eating cheeseburgers and enjoying the simple happiness of a forgotten purchase.

Go Halos!

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