Apr 8, 2009

The I Heart Halos Mini-Hiatus

A combination of factors is leading to a mini-hiatus for the I Heart Halos mega-site.
1. We're leaving to head up to Anaheim tonight.
2. Hailey will be attending her first baseball game tomorrow night and we're all focused 100% on this.
3. I bought a new laptop last night and while it is awesome, the program I've used while scanning for the last year did not transfer over. So now, when I slap in 9 cards, go to crop and edit, I can no longer do the things I used to do. This has led to much frustration on my part. The 9 Padres cards for today's Fave 4 are just sitting there idly.
4. My frustration level with problem #3 is not good for the health of myself or my loved ones.
5. Combine this frustration with the fact that Dustin Moseley is part of the Angels current rotation and you have one curmudgeon of a Halo fan and blogger.

So in the interest of sanity, I'll be taking a couple of days off. With any luck I'll be able to work something out by Saturday and you can all regale in not only the wondrous Padre Fave 4, but also Hailey's first baseball game.

Go Halos!

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