Jul 7, 2009

Seven Days of Salmon: Day 4

While on vacation, I've decided to treat you, the loyal readers of I Heart Halos! to seven glorious days of Tim Salmon cards. I do this to not only honor the greatest of all Halos, but to honor you.


Day 4: Cards That Are Odd

1998 Pacific Revolution #5
I'm not sure I own another card with this much sparkle, rainbowy goodness and weird tribal background design. There's a part of me that wants to hate this card, yet I'm oddly drawn to it. I wouldn't want to open a pack of this stuff or own more than 1 card from the set, but this one as a stand alone is pretty sweet. I even like the raised lettering of Tim's name down the side, with even more sparkly fantasticalness.

1993 Upper Deck Stars of Tomorrow #7
This card is just plain ugly. The fading purple sky, a sprinkling of stars, the generic stadium with spotlights shooting at Mr. Salmon's nether regions, the constellation made by the outline of Tim and lastly, Tim coming up on a ground ball, while in mid air, wearing a spring training jersey. It's an awful card. But here's the thing, I wasn't doing a lot of collecting in 1993, but I did still open the occasional pack and for me, getting a Tim Salmon card during his rookie season was a boon. At the time, I cared little for design or asthetics, as evidenced by complete set of 1991 Fleer. It's Tim Salmon being celebrated for his future stardom. Count me in.

1995 Studio #13
Admittedly, this is a pretty stupid idea for a baseball card. Apparently the Studio design had become so stale that they decided to go with the idea of baseball card as credit card. There's one redeeming thing about these cards. They didn't half ass it, instead they went all the way with the theme. How did they go about this? Well, American Leahue logo serves them well as credit card like background logo. The stats are effective as a credit card number and I really like the "MLB Member Since" and "Birth Date" taking the place of an expiration date. The holographic Angels logo adds to the overall look and "authenticity". They didn't quit when it comes to the back. By raising the writing on the front, you get the indentations on the back. The authorized Tim Salmon signature also graces the back along with a brief bio and stat line that replaces the legalese. Well done, Studio.

Today's Tim Salmon Factoids:
In 1992, Tim was awarded the Minor League Player of the Year Award by Baseball America.
Tim Salmon's debut consisted of two strikeouts, a pop-up and a walk. Day 2 brought Tim's first hit, a single. Day 3 brought Tim's first home run, a 3 run shot.
Tim was a unanimous Rookie of the Year winner in 1993, posting a 283/.382/.536 line, with 31 homers and 95 RBIs.
In 2002, Tim was awarded the Hutch Award, given to an active player who best exemplifies the fighting spirit and competitive desire to win.

So ends Day 4 of the Seven Days of Salmon.

Go Halos!

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