Jul 3, 2009

Coming Soon to I HEÅRT HÅLOS!

Family vacation is upon us. The entire Halo loving clan will be heading out for a week of frivolity on the sand, hoping to enjoy some sunshine and fresh air.

I already know what you're thinking, "But what ever will I do without your semi-regular postings? How will I get my Halo fix?" I fully anticipated your worries and decided I needed to take care of you fine people, so I began to contemplate my options.

Option #1: Leave for a week, post nothing and have you forget this site even exists.
Pros - I'm lazy and this would require no work.
Cons - It would be unfortunate to return and have no one aware of my existence.

Option #2: Hire a ghost writer to come in and take my place.
Pros - You would still get to read about the Angels on my little blog.
Cons - There's a possibility that the ghost writer would be a vast improvement on me, which wouldn't be a problem in the short term, however upon my return you would become disappointed with the dip in quality and begin to reject me, rather than simply being complacent with my mediocrity.

Option #3: Announce a special and amazing contest that would be taking place sometime in the next 7 days. Give examples of amazing prizes that could be had and let it be known that the person to win will be the first one to see the post and comment on it.
Pros - This could possibly lead to people checking my blog quite often over the 7 day period and maybe stumbling upon something interesting and becoming a fan of the site. It would also keep me in the forefront of your minds.
Cons - I got no prizes and when the eventual contest post never materialized, you would all become filled with e-rage and shun me from the blogging community. I would become a myth, a spook story that bloggers tell their kids at night. "Act like RWH and Keyser Soze will get you."

Option #4: Attempt to create 7 posts, one for each day that I will be gone and schedule them to arrive once a day. Perhaps give these posts a theme that will drive the week and leave readers wanting more and anticipating just what is to come the next day.
Pros - If all goes well, I have a post a day that at the least may keep me in your consciousness.
Cons - If I promise 7 posts and then blogger chooses not to deliver for me, I look like a jerk and receive a nasty comment from "Anonymous" that points out my inabilities to schedule posts and my lack of interweb knowledge.

All of these options are tempting and I struggled to come up with the correct answer. After much deliberation, I decided on ambition over laziness. This is an upset of Buster Douglas/Mike Tyson proportions.

So just what can you expect over the next week?

Yup, that's Seven Days of Salmon with three exclamation points. You can thank me with your kind comments and frequent readership.

You're welcome.

Go Halos!

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