Jul 4, 2009

Seven Days of Salmon: Day 1

While on vacation, I've decided to treat you, the loyal readers of I Heart Halos! to seven glorious days of Tim Salmon cards. I do this to not only honor the greatest of all Halos, but to honor you.

DAY 1: Cards that great in person, but scan quite crappily.

1994 Bowman's Best #25
In person, this card looks great. It's shiny, it's colorful, it's got fake granite. What's not to love. Also, lest you be unaware who is on the card, you get Tim's last name and uniform number front and center.

2000 Bowman #85
A mix of the vintage and the modern. The old TV set design from days of yore and the shiny chromeyness of today. Yup, in this first day of Salmon, I have used the words chromeyness and crappily. Webster, look out.

1996 Topps Finest Sterling Card 97 Theme S20
For whatever reason I never come across one of these cards without the protective coating, despite Topps clearly printing on the coating to "Peel and Remove". It's almost like they were hoping that everyone outside of a few oddballs would remove the coating and these would one day become scarce and desirable cards. I guess that plan backfired. Bonus points however for Salmon's bunny-like expression in this action shot.

Today's Tim Salmon factoids:
Nickname: King Fish
Salmon was a third round draft pick. In his first season of low-A ball, he hit a rather poor .245 and was hit in the nose with a fastball. The next season, he was again hit in the face with a pitch and spent 7 weeks with his jaw wired shut.

So ends Day 1 of the Seven Days of Salmon.

Go Halos!

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