Jun 9, 2009

Random Draft Thoughts

1. I've never been more annoyed by how someone pronounces words than I am listening to Bud Selig. Sin-sin-nata. Los Angeleez. Go away Bud.
2. Is it necessary to mention the "signability" of players after every choice.
3. This draft is clearly the largest crapshoot of any, why are we pretending that these "experts" can tell us who will succeed. Let's just agree that no one will know until they get to majors and leave it at that.
4. Does anyone get excited about their teams pick? Really? Maybe due to all of the hype surrounding Strasburg, Nationals fans feel excitement, but the rest of us? Haven't we learned our lesson by now?
5. I'm ashamed that I've been watching this for the last hour and a half.
6. Does any of this really matter? Any player worth a crap taken by one of these small market/low revenue teams is just going to end up with the Yankees or Red Sox eventually anyways.
7. I predict the Angels will select a player I've never heard of, I'll read up on him, watch videos and begin to think he's the future. 5 years from now I'll be cursing the Angels for such a dumb pick and wondering why they passed on player X who was drafted 10 picks later.

Go Halos!

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