Jun 6, 2009

F@#& It, Let's Pitch

Just another reason to love Ervin Santana.
Post-game Interview

When asked about his bloody nose, Ervin responds, "I just put this in my nose and I just say, 'F*** it, let's pitch!'"

It's moments like this that build the loyalty you feel towards players on your team. So often we have players that grow on us and become our favorites over time and it's hard to explain why we feel that way. This was one of those nights that just adds to that.
Ervin's bloody nose and gutty performance
my daughter making fun of his boogies
Ervin's post-game interview
My love for Ervin continuing to bloom.

I love baseball.

Go Halos!

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  1. I'm thrilled for Santana! What a game! And he did his darnedest to keep Fuentes from having a chance to mess with his W. Can't wait to see Escobar tonight. Crossing my fingers...!