Jun 5, 2009

Does He Think He's Funny?

A really important game for the Halos tonight as Ervin Santana actually showed up and pitched a very good game. 8 2/3 innings, 6 hits and 1 run, out-dueling Justin Verlander. Santana still doesn't seem to have recaptured the magic of last year, but still pretty impressive tonight and hopefully a sign of good times ahead for Black Magic.

While the pitching performance should have been the highlight of the night, it was really my daughter's reaction to Ervin that made my night. You see, Ervin was plagued by a nosebleed early on and because of that pitched with tissue in his nose for most of the game. Evidence below.
That led to this exchange between daughter and I:

Hailey: What's that guy doing?
Me: He's pitching for the Angels?
Hailey: Does he think he's funny?
Me: Ummm, I guess so. Why?
Hailey: Cuz he's trying to be funny and has boogies in his nose. That's silly. I like him, he's funny.
Me: (stifling the laughter) That is pretty silly.
Hailey: I need his baseball card now!

Ahhh, the young collector and her whims.
This is now a part of her baseball card binder. The magic of boogies.

Go Halos!

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