Nov 5, 2009

Welcome Back Bob

If you watched the playoffs at all and caught an Angels game, you've probably heard ad nauseum that Bobby Abreu was the sole reason for the Angels offensive turn-around and sudden acceptance of the idea of taking a pitch. He did have an impact on the team this year, but I would have appreciated it a bit more if I didn't have Joe Buck telling me everytime Bob stepped to the plate.

Well, he's back for two more years, although the financial details haven't come out quite yet. Abreu was a great bargain signing last season, hopefully this new deal won't turn into a situation where we're overpaying an aging player on his way out. I'll hold out hope that Bobby will continue to produce and we can all look forward to Joe Buck letting us know just how patience Bobby is and how that has revolutionized the game of baseball.

Go Halos!

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