Feb 17, 2010

Your Mom Threw It Out, My Mom Got It Back

The blogosphere has been inundated by Million Card Giveaway posts, but one more won't hurt. After posting my 14 card haul on the first day of card unlocking mania, I came across one last code card. As I read post after post I noticed a common phrase showing up time and again.

"Everyone and their mom is doing it."

Well, that got my gears spinning and I wondered just how many moms were actually participating in this madness. In what may go down in card blogging history as a first, I had my mom actually redeem a card for me. So now when you read that everyone and their mom is doing it, you can know that at least one mom is doing it and with pretty good results.

Unlocking this card was my mom's shot at redemption. Although she'll never admit to it, she's one of those mothers that Topps is warning us all about. A mom that at one time threw cards out. Sure, she'll tell you that I misplaced the boxes or that she hasn't gone near that crap in years, but I know the truth. My retirement fund aka "that box of junk commons from the 80's" currently resides in a landfill somewhere in Southern California.

So just what did my mom unlock? Was she able to reverse karma and nail down the '52 Mantle? Not quite, but I did get a rookie card of a Rookie of the Year winner. You can keep your '52 Mantle, that bum never won the ROY.

Read 'em and weep.

1965 Orioles Rookie Stars featuring John Miller and 1965 AL Rookie of the Year Curt Blefary.

Not too bad for a reformed card thrower outer. A special thank you to the woman who raised me for participating in this highly unnecessary, but productive event.

Go Halos!


  1. I think I had that actual card 15-20 years ago, just because I was just starting to collect baseball cards and thought I'd like a random 'old card.'

    I think I found the card at a card show for $0.65. Someone threw it away or I just lost it, since I don't remember having it anymore.

    However, I'm sure the card isn't worth more than $0.65 today.

  2. Yeah I'm fully aware that it's "worthless", but I gave up on any of my cards being money makers long ago. The card's fun and that's why I collect.

  3. I love seeing Blefary cards!! He was a great player and a great friend and I miss him. Seeing his cards posted make me smile. Nice post!

  4. I really enjoyed reading your blog, please read mine and let me know what you think!


    Keep up the good work!

  5. I never,ever,threw out your cards,(intentionally)! Your Mama

  6. Hey! The season's here! Better get to posting!

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  10. Bad deal with Kendry Morales. Is that going to hurt the Halos bad?

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